Alford Lincolnshire UK
famous for the Alford Craft Market and Manor House

Alford Five-Sailed Windmill

Alford Five-sailed windmillThis is the only windmill left in Alford; in 1932 there were three - each with different sets of sail (four, five and six). It is the five sailed mill that remains. It was built by Sam Oxley in 1837.

The mill is over 30 metres high and has six floors. In its hey day it was capable of grinding 4 to 5 tonnes of corn a day. The mill worked until 1955. After two years standing idle it was restored to full working order and is only one of four working mills in Lincolnshire.

The other windmills are the Sibsey windmill, Maud Foster windmill in Boston and Burgh le Marsh windmill.

he mill can often be seen at work and stone-ground whole meal flour is available.

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