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Alford Manor House Restoration Report: 2005 February

roof timbersThatch Removed

The thatch has been removed, save for the East Wing, where it has been decided to retain all but the lower four feet, as it is in still in good condition and as a memento of John Scholey's work. This area will need a fireproof master boarding on the underside. Some of the other reed has also been retained in bundles to be used towards the base coat over the rest of the roof. It will of course all be covered with a final coat of long straw.

The Reed plaster view panels will be retained: there may be another panel to view the thatch.
Keith Quantrill (thatcher) also advises that the roof ridge tiles should be fixed with copper wire for extra security.

The roof timbers and wall plates are all cleared of debris and exposed ready for inspection by Andy Allen, ELDC Planning Officer, and Jonathan Clark, the Archaeologist, who were both present for a site examination later that day.

The cross wing has a different eave level to the side wings, and this has led to severe decay of the wall plates, which are completely decomposed in places.

The front wall of the cross wing has moved to the extent that the attic floor joists no longer reach the wall plate, are supported only by a narrow 2x2 lathe which fixes the ceiling.

The fire insurance plaque has been noted and will stay in position, as it is not advisable to attempt to remove it as it is cast iron and may easily break.

As part of the new work new roof trusses will be made to carry the new roof and to leave as much of the old roof in situ as possible. New hand made bricks and the agreed mortars are being sourced for the rebuild of the gable ends and for other repairs.

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For many years the Craft Market has held special weekends - Spring and August Bank Holiday in the Manor House grounds. In 2005 the Market and entertainment will be in the South Market Place.