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Alford Manor House Report: 2005 November

The most recent progress report made to the Civic Trust Council stated that:

  • The work would be completed within the contract period.
  • All the electrics had been completed on the top floor and the second fix had been completed on the first floor.
  • Considerable digging had taken place on the site (of soakaways), and the foundations of a dwarf wall (to the west side of the property) had been discovered, parallel to the Park Road one.
  • An area had been built around the cellar, using engineering brick, to ensure its dryness.
  • The painters had completed all the ceilings and stripped away any anaglypter wall coverings.
  • The wallpaper restorer is due to come next week.
  • The joiners have started on the cover to the lift mechanism (the mechanism to be cleaned and oiled before the cover goes over it).
  • The charge for the electricity supply has been reduced from £27K to £19K.
  • The mechanisms necessary to operate the electric gates is being installed.
  • Provision for the electricity supply can only be completed once the suppliers know who the contractors will be.
  • All the kitchen equipment has been ordered (to be fitted at the end of the works).
  • Excess grant money can be used, with the agreement of our funding partners, to finance details mentioned in the original funding package: some examples cited are: the gates, railings, paving, gapping up hedges, regravelling paths, moving the blacksmiths' arch to a more suitable position, rebuilding and repositioning the kitchen garden wall, video systems around the house, audio handsets, an outside toilet in the Coach House, additional decoration to the Victorian wing.
  • We shall try to get a paved drop-off point for wheelchairs..
  • It was confirmed that the Craft Market and Jazz Festival would be able to go ahead and have access to the garden next summer.
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