Alford Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire UK
famous for Alford Craft Market and Alford Manor House

Museum of Rural Life (once known as the Hackett Barn Museum) at ALFORD MANOR HOUSE

Museum of Rural Life is part of the Alford Manor House Complex. Situated at the rear of the 17th century thatched Manor, it houses many of the towns historic artifacts. A rare, complete, man-driven, wheelwrights lathe, complete with tools and samples, is a major exhibit. A Winnower, Huller and Threshing Machine are reminders of our farming heritage. Many old workmens tools, including a carpenters chest, complete with all the tools, that once belonged to one of the towns Doctors, is on display. A new feature is the Bootmakers shop, with leather patterns, old studded boots, clogs, hobbing irons . Also many items from one of the towns old chemist shops are in a pharmacy display. A beautiful Victorian covered hearse is an interesting exhibit. Also an outside wooden lavatory causes many comments and amusing stories! Many unusual items donated by local people, and a fine selection of old kitchen memorabilia, are always on display.

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