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Almshouses in Alford

Sir Robert Christopher's Almshouses Charity Registered Charity No, 214376

6, High Street, Alford, Lincolnshire LN13 9DX.

Registered Charity No, 214376

Sir Robert Christopher's Almshouses Charity A brief history of Almshouses in Alford

Sir Robert Christopher had extensive land holdings in East Lincolnshire and at the time of his death was living in the Manor House at Alford.

He died in 1668 and in his Will he directed that - 'Item out of my charitable disposition to the town of Alford 550li (£550) to lay out a parke there, in the building of an almes house in the West field there, and the remainder of the said 550li shall be bestowed in purchasing and settling of lands of inheritance for the perpetual maintaining of six poor people."

Elizabeth, Lady Sherad, the daughter of Sir Robert and the only named executrix, carried out his wishes and had the original almshouse built in 1670. She also had the tomb/monument erected in the parish church of St. Wilfrid commemorating Sir Robert and his wife Anne.
Probably being built of timber framed 'mud and stud' style typical of East Lincolnshire, the original construction lasted until the 1870s when the Rt. Hon. Mary Bruce Christopher-Nisbet-Hamilton had the present brick and slate building erected for six persons.

In the late 1960s a scheme was carried out to add bathrooms and convert the six units into the four that exist now. The buildings are Listed Buildings Grade II.
Historically, financial weekly contributions from the many alms persons have been insufficient to accumulate funds to maintain the properties to modern standards.

Sir Robert Christopher's Almshouses Charity