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Alford Craft Market - CRAFT GEMSTONES

Colin Hornsey

CRAFT GEMSTONES 29 Wallis Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 8AS

Telephone 01 522 687 911

Gemstone Jewellry by Colin Hornsey

Gemstone Jewellry by Colin Hornsey

Gemstone Jewellery - rings, brooches, necklaces, scarf clips, tie fasteners, cuff links, and keyrings.

Gemstone Pictures featuring flowers, animals, birds

Commissions are welcomed.

Humerous talks ("From Rocks to Riches") on Gemstones and Gemstone Craftwork to clubs and Women's Institutes.

Please contact Colin on 01 522 687 911.

Colin Hornsey was born and brought up in the City of Lincoln, gaining his interest in Gemstones and Lapidary around 1970. From these early beginnings - using a simple tumble-polishing machine - he has progressed to the very latest electronically controlled vibrating tumblers for polishing his gemstones. The results are baroque-shaped gemstones in varying types and sizes.

Although he has several types of polishing machines, including diamond saws, grinding wheels and rotary polishers the main output and use is of tumble-polished gemstones rather than the more commonly seen regularly-shaped cut stones to be found in Jewellers shops.

One of the earliest known uses for this type of polished stone (it often being shaped and polished by natural forces) was, and still is, in the making of individual items of personal adornment, i.e. jewellery - rings, brooches, necklaces, scarf clips for the ladies; tie fasteners, cuff links, and even keyrings for the gentlemen.

Colin has attended courses in the rather neglected field of stone polishing & jewellery making using tumble-polished gemstones, gaining considerable valuable practical experience.

Nowadays, one of the more challenging aspects is for Colin to create the unusual: for instance, beautiful Gemstone Pictures featuring flowers, animals, birds; both small and large

At Craft Fairs which Colin attends, some items are made up to the customers own personal choice of stone whilst they wait, and prove very popular! Some of the commissioned items have travelled the world - being taken as gifts to the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

Colin Hornsey has for many years given humerous talks on Gemstones and Gemstone Craftwork to Women's Institutes, Clubs and other interested groups. He regularly attends Craft Fairs both local to Lincoln and further afield.

As an active member of The Country Crafts Association, indeed as its present Secretary, he is very concerned with keeping Crafts synonymous with quality and has exhibited for a number of years with this group of very high-class Craftsmen. He is also a member of the Alford Craftmarket and has been accepted as a member of the British Lapidary and Mineral Dealers Association.

Commissions are welcomed and Colin will be pleased to discuss any particular requirements you may have in this field. He can be contacted at 01 522 687 911. hosted and managed by Bowhunter Websites incorporating Community Lincs (Websites) ..